My First Time In The Gambia

In 2018 I travelled to The Gambia for my very first time. I had never been to Africa before, but I had heard about the beautiful colourful wax print fabrics. So, Gibril took me to the local markets, where we spent hours for me to choose my first own wax print fabrics. I was amazed by the beautiful colours, and the numerous patterns and designs.

Wishing to have my own fashionable waxprint pieces to wear, I bought some fabrics and took them to a local tailor. Thanks to tailor Modou, I left with three beautiful skirts, some trousers and some lovely waxprint tops. Very important for me was to have pieces, that combine the African touch with a European style. Sometimes I catch myself falling in love with a country’s fashion style, and then I would buy something, that at the end, I wouldn’t wear in Germany, because it’s not authentic there. This is why I always wanted to have a fusion of African and European style.

Back in Germany I wanted to spread the African culture with its hospitality, vitality, joy for life and happiness, represented by all these beautiful colours and designs. I started to make shirts for family and friends, sewing patches in the shape of the Africa map onto plain cotton t-Shirts.

As more and more people showed interest in the shirts, I started to think about a label, that would represent and support Africa – a wonderful continent, that unfortunately very often is portrayed in a negative, prejudiced way.

“AfricaIGotYourBack” is supposed to spread the message of love, kindness, joy and hospitality, which you definitely experience while travelling to mother Africa. So go ahead and spread the message ! 🙂

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