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Our First Sponsorship

This is Aminata. We met Aminata in December 2018, at the Gambian Carnival in Banjul (Christmas and New Year celebration) . She was sitting on a chair next to Pia, and inspected her attentively. She was very curious, and wanted to see what Pia was doing with the camera. Since Aminata didn’t speak English and Pia didn’t speak Mandinka, they could not communicate. Still, little by little, Aminata sneaked over until she sat on Pia’s lap and got pretty comfortable. She was looking at the pictures on the camera, and then ran away after a couple of minutes. After this encounter with her, we didn’t see her again. 

Back in Germany this little girl was stuck in our head and we kept on thinking about her. So, Gibril asked his brother Ali, if he can try to find out who she was. He took the picture that we took together, walked through the streets of Banjul and asked if anybody knew  this girl. After a while, he actually managed to find Aminata’s parents. He told them that we would like to support Aminata and get her into school. Since then we are honoured to stay in touch with the family and always get information about her school life and education. They sent us pictures of her in her cute little school uniform, and try to always update us about how she is doing. 

Our goal is to sponsor many more kids like Aminata. There are so many kids who want to learn and go to school, but simply don’t have the opportunity. For around 55 €, a child in The Gambia can attend school for one term. And with your support, we can give more kids access to education in The Gambia. 

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